Individual Grants

The purpose of this grant is to assist people with Cerebral Palsy to obtain items or services that mitigate the effects of living with Cerebral Palsy. Grants should assist a person’s independence and/or quality of life, or in the case of a child, also that of the parent/family.

Guidelines for Individuals:

  • Applications can be made at any time.
  • Grants are available to members who are residents in New Zealand and have New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency.
  • The recipient/beneficiary of the grant must be a current financial member of the Cerebral Palsy Society and have a membership number. CLICK HERE to find out about becoming a member.
  • For items normally funded by the Government, applicants are expected to try there first. If the Government declines the application a member may then apply to the Society.
  • Applicants are required to provide two letters of support – one from a family member or close friend who knows their circumstances.
  • Grants will NOT be considered for cars, holidays, publicly-funded surgery-related costs or costs for installation of heating to rental properties.
  • The Grants Committee will consider the amount of any grant sought and previous grants provided to the applicant as well as the need for, and benefit of the grant in determining the application.
  • Applications received on or before the last Friday of the month will be considered in the first 10 days of the next month. (Applications received in December and January each year will be considered at the February meeting.)
  • Notification as to the outcome of the application will be made within 7 days after each Grants Committee meeting.
  • The Grants Committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Please note: 

  • All grant applications are considered by the Grants Committee.
  • Amount approved by the Grants Committee will be at their discretion and may not be the full amount applied for.
  • Applications for items with a value of which is less than $250, members should be referred to the getThis&That programme as this programme may be the best option. CLICK HERE


* If you’re having trouble filling in the form, or uploading your supporting documents, please email us on so we can help. 


How to apply

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