New Vouchers & Programmes Information

From the 1st November 2020 until the 28th February 2021, the CP Society is offering only one programme per member. Vouchers to the value of $200 will be supplied for the selected programme. Near the end of this period, there will be a review of the programmes going forward. To find out more information on this CLICK HERE


This programme is designed to get people with Cerebral Palsy engaging with their community. It is a voucher system that helps fund the part of the transport companies fare that is not covered by the Total Mobility Scheme.
The Society can supply vouchers to the value of approximately $200 per person (per 6 months) to approved applicants. The vouchers can be used for transport at the members discretion. This will equate to the average member being able to double the number of trips currently taken each year.

List of Transport Companies

The Society has entered into agreements with selected transport companies to accept these vouchers. If there is a transport company in your area accepting our vouchers, then the programme is operating there. If there isn’t, then contact us and we can assess whether to approach a transport company in your area to join our programme.

CLICK HERE to read/download a copy of the transport companies list and areas covered.

Criteria and Terms

The criteria for joining the programme is as follows:

  • You must have Cerebral Palsy (The Society may request proof that you have had a clinical diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy)
  • You belong to the Total Mobility programme in your area
  • You must be a current financial member of the Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ Inc.
  • If you wish to join the Society the membership fee is $10/year for an individual or $15/year for a family membership. CLICK HERE to become a member. The alternative is to contact the Society on 0800 503 603 to have one posted to you. (The Society’s financial year goes from July through to June of each year)

How to apply

We invite members with Cerebral Palsy to apply for the programme now. CLICK HERE to become a member.

CLICK HERE to download the getOutThere Application Form.

Fill it in and post it to:

Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand
PO Box 24759
Royal Oak
Auckland 1345
New Zealand

The alternative is to contact the Society on 0800 503 603 to have one posted to you.

CLICK HERE to read more on Criteria and Terms

How to apply

You have to be a member and login to apply for the programme.

Click here to Login.