e-card suppliers 


Q: Where can I use my e-card funding?  

A: e-card funding can only be used at companies/service providers (known as suppliers) that have signed up to the getProgramme. There is a list of all the companies and service providers on our website. These lists are updated with new suppliers regularly.

Q: I want to spend my e-card funding at a company/service provider that is not signed up as a supplier. Can you please sign them up as a supplier? 

A: There are a few steps to go through for a company to become a supplier to our e-card programme.  

    • The name of the company/service provider 
    • An email address for them 
    • A phone number or mobile number for them 

Once we have the information we need, the company/service provider will be checked to make sure they meet the criteria of our getProgramme. 
Forms will be sent to the company/service provider to be filled in and sent back to us.
The company/service provider will need to agree to be onboarded and needs to pay a one-off $20 fee which covers eCard Solutions administration costs, and access to their help desk. 

 Q: How long does it take for a company/service provider to become a supplier? 

A: The average onboarding turnaround time is around four weeks. But there may be delays which means it might take longer than that. 

If you are asking for a supplier to be onboarded in the final month of a funding round, please use that round of funding elsewhere as we cannot guarantee that a company/service provider will be onboarded in time. You can use your funding for the new supplier in the next round. 

 Q: Why hasn’t the supplier taken funds from my e-card? 

A: If you have discovered that a company/service provider has not taken money off your card for a purchase, please contact them directly to discuss this. We encourage companies/service providers to take the funds from your card as soon as they can after the goods or services have been provided.  

If the supplier has entered incorrect card details or has trouble with the process, please direct them to:  

  • Refer to the instructions they were provided by eCard Solutions when they signed up as a supplier 
  • Call the eCard Solutions team on 0508 4ECARD 
  • Call or email our Accounts team on 0800 503 603 or accounts@cpsociety.org.nz 

Q: Can you give the supplier my e-card details for me? 

A: No, we cannot give out e-card details to companies/service providers; the e-card is the responsibility of the member.