Connecting Over Coffee

We’re running virtual coffee groups – join us for a coffee, a chat and a guest speaker once a month.

These coffee groups are a chance to chat and catch up, and an opportunity to learn, and possibly try, something new.  Think art classes, yoga, a discussion about Individualised Funding, meditation, music, movie and book discussions, exercise classes……. 

A typical Connecting Over Coffee session consists of members chatting, an introduction about the topic and then a session with a speaker/instructor/tutor running for 30-45 minutes (and depending on the topic, some sessions may run longer).   

What you need to know about Connecting Over Coffee 

When: The fourth Wednesday of every month 

Time: This may vary for each session and will be advised on our website, via social media and email 

Where: The comfort of your home…or wherever you are 

How: A video call via Zoom. Click on this link to join the meeting, and if you’re new to Zoom, here’s some information about how to join a Zoom call.

1) Tea/coffee/hot chocolate/juice/water…..the choice is yours.
You’ll need a device with a speaker and a camera so you can join the video call. A device with a large screen, such as an iPad or laptop, will be best for seeing everyone on the call.

PS: The coffee is on us! We’re happy to shout a CPS member plus one attending caregiver, support person, family member or friend, morning tea to the value of $15 per person. Here’s the information about getting reimbursed for your coffee. When you head out to your local café before Connecting Over Coffee, be sure to get your receipt and send it to us, along with your bank account details, by the 15th of the month following coffee group. 


There’s a calendar of events below – check it out and if you’d like to join us for Connecting Over Coffee be sure to put the date and the Zoom link in your diary. 


For more information, email us or call us on 0800 503 603.

August – Enabling Good Lives

We’re excited to have members from the National Enabling Good Lives Leadership Group joining us at 11am on Wednesday, August 24.

They will be talking about EGL and what it would mean for disabled people and whānau.
EGL places disabled people and whanau at the forefront where they have choice and control over their supports to be able to live a good life.

Learn more about EGL

Zoom link

Previous Connecting Over Coffee sessions

March 2022 – Individualised Funding – Manawanui

The first Connecting Over Coffee session will be on Wednesday, March 23 at 10am. We’re delighted to have Liam Sanders, Relationship Manager at Manawanui join us. Liam also lives with Cerebral Palsy and is a CP Society member. Liam’s workshop will be a useful source of information about living with Cerebral Palsy and your funding options. 

Manawanui is a social enterprise committed to supporting our customers choices. We have been New Zealand’s leading provider of Individualised Funding (IF) services for people in the disability community since 2004.
Individualised Funding is a way of managing your disability support funding which gives you more control and flexibility. 
As a national provider in the disability sector, we work with customers from every region of Aotearoa New Zealand and work collaboratively with all the Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Services, DHBs and many community and national support groups to make the onboarding process and customer experience with Manawanui as easy possible for all our customers.

There will be an opportunity for members to get involved, so be sure to join the conversation with any questions you may have for Liam and his colleagues about Individualised Funding.

You can find out more about Manawanui here. 


Did you miss this session? You can watch it here. Just use this passcode: !F6?YQ57

To read Manawanui’s “Getting started” booklet click here


April 2022 – Yoga with Jen 

Jen from The Adaptive Yogi, who lives with a disability, will join us at 11am on Wednesday April 27 for a yoga session. 

She’ll be running an holistic adapted yoga session covering do-able yoga poses adapted for a wheelchair, breathing exercises, a little meditation and guided relaxation. 

Variations will be offered if any of the physical yoga poses are a challenge – there is always a way to yoga! Yoga is about connecting to your body and breath – not about what you can and can’t do – so if you can breathe – you can take part!

My purpose is to help you achieve connection, body peace and acceptance…
I have created a judgment-free yoga zone, so you can take a step closer towards body peace, which means you can focus on movement that feels good for YOU.
I provide:
– Body Positive Yoga
– Inclusive Yoga
– Accessible Yoga
I am committed to providing yoga for ALL shapes, sizes, and abilities and I use what I’ve learnt from my challenges to help you…
I live in a curvy body (that I love and accept) and I also use a prosthesis device so I can live pain-free from my ankle disability. I know how to adapt yoga classes because I’ve LIVED it!

What to bring/be prepared with

  • Wear comfy clothes
  • Have your camera set up so Jen can see as much of you as possible (only if you’re comfortable with that of course. Otherwise it’s totally OK to have your camera turned off)
  • An eye mask would be beneficial but not essential
  • If at all possible, have a clear wall or door nearby to go to
  • Be prepared for some guided relaxation at the end which can include lying down – if it’s possible and easy to do – or having a table to rest your arms/head on, or a big cushion to cuddle. This would be beneficial but not essential – this can also be done sitting upright in a chair.

More information about The Adaptive Yogi.


May 2022 – Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

We’re excited to be welcoming Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre to Connecting Over Coffee on Wednesday May 25 at 11am

Hawke’s Bay Regional Centre Manager Ella Polczyk-Przybyla will talk about music therapy for about 10 minutes before leading a 30-40 minute session geared towards all ages and ability levels.

If you have any instruments around the house or even just want to have some pots and pans and wooden spoons nearby, they may come in handy for Ella’s session.  You might also want to put some rice or beans in a jar to make a homemade maraca.  However, don’t worry if you don’t have any instruments handy as there will be plenty of opportunities to sing, vocalise, clap or stomp along, as well as just to listen if that’s more your whānau’s speed.

Information about Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre.


June 2022 – Functional Adaptive Movement

Michael Hynard CEO/Founder from Functional Adaptive Movement will join us at 11am on Wednesday June 22.

Empowering people of all abilities to live more independent lives

FAM™ (Functional Adaptive Movement™Ltd) provides group exercise classes and one-on-one personal training sessions for people living with disabilities.
It is a strength and conditioning program with specifically designed programs for all ages to increase the overall health and wellness of those dealing with any disability. These programs have proven to elevate the balance, coordination, confidence, strength, endurance, concentration, communication, capability, and life skills of participating “differently-abled” athletes/clients.
​Such improvements have been recognised in physical, mental, and emotional aspects by the individuals themselves, and by their Carers, Parents, Support Workers, and Allied Health Professionals and Organisations.

About Functional Adaptive Movement.

July – The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust (PASAT)

The team from The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust (PASAT) will join us at 11am on Wednesday, July 27

The Trust provides a range of safeguarding services and supports. These include supported decision making, free short term advocacy, life-long advocacy for enrolled members with intellectual disabilities after the death of their parents, and a coordinated inter-agency safeguarding response for adults at risk of abuse and neglect. PASAT’s advocacy and safeguarding services promote and protect human rights, health, wellbeing and culture, and prevent or reduce harm, abuse and neglect.



Did you miss this session? You can watch it here. Just use this passcode: !=DzN8f*

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