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We don’t want Cerebral Palsy, or aspects of the condition, to present barriers for anyone when it comes to them getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Do you have concerns or issues around booking your vaccine, transport, accessibility or communication? 

The Cerebral Palsy Society NZ has put together information about accessing the COVID-19 vaccine for members living with CP. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact our team if you would like to discuss ways we can assist you further. 

Send your queries to or call us on 0800 503 603. 


* The government has set up a team to support disabled people to access transport and get vaccinated against Covid-19 in a way that suits their needs and ensures “it is both easy and accessible for everyone”.

The 30-strong team is answering calls and questions so disabled people and their carers can get the information and support they need.

Call the free Covid Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26, from 8am–8pm, Monday to Friday and push ‘2’ to speak to one of the team.

You can find more information in the Scoop article and The NZ Doctor website.


The Manaakitanga Journey

A new tool to help disabled people get vaccinated has been launched by the government. The Manaakitanga Journey is an online tool on the Unite Against Covid-19 website that will be updated weekly with information specific to disabled people.

The Manaakitanga Journey graphic packages up key information such as how to arrange transport to and from your vaccination appointment.

My Vaccine Pass

Did you know you can get your My Vaccine Pass at a pharmacy?  
You do not need to have ID or an email address to get your pass or certificate from a pharmacy. You will be asked some personal details so you can be found in the system. Having your NHI number with you will be useful.  
You can also it online through My Covid Record, or over the phone.  
Click here for all the My Vaccine Pass information.

Vaccination for children and young people

The COVID-19 vaccine protects children, their whānau and community. It is free and available for everyone aged 5 and over.


I don’t have transport to a vaccination centre. 

Get in touch with our team – we’ll help sort your transport to a vaccination centre. 


I can’t access the local vaccine centre. 

We can help you find an accessible vaccination centre – get in touch with our team.

I use AAC or other communication devices.  

When booking your vaccine, you can inform the staff of your communication requirements. Adjustments can be made including the following that may help facilitate AAC use: 

  • a longer appointment time 
  • a quiet or low-sensory environment 
  • more space to move around 
  • presence of a support person.  

I am struggling to access the website to book my vaccine.  

To book your
 vaccination go to the 
Book My Vaccine website or call the COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26. 

Many health care providers are also giving COVID-19 vaccinations and taking bookings directly. Check with your doctor, local pharmacy, medical and Hauora centre, marae, church or community clinic. 

You can ask someone from your 
whānau, a friend or a carer to help book your appointments.

You can take a support person to your appointment. 

If you’re struggling to access the website
 or get through on the 0800 number, get in touch with the Cerebral Palsy Society and we’ll help you find the information you need. 

I am worried about side effects to do with my medication/underlying health conditions

Talk to your GP or medical professional about how the vaccine might affect your
medication and any underlying health conditions. Let us know if you would like our help to contact your doctor.

Can I take a support person with me when I get my vaccination? I will need assistance during my appointment. 

When you book your vaccination, you will be asked if you require assistance during your appointment. 

Assistance can include: 

  • an NZSL interpreter 
  • support to make decisions
  • assistance to move around
  • a longer appointment time 
  • a quiet or low-sensory environment 
  • more space to move around. 

If you book online, the Ministry of Health may need to contact you to make sure they can meet your requirements at your chosen vaccination site. 
If you have questions about accessibility or have specific or complex needs, call the Covid-19 Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26. 

Where will I find more information about making a decision about having the Covid-19 vaccine? 

The Ministry of Health has created this easy-read document about making a decision about having the Covid-19 vaccine. 

What is a vaccine?  

Vaccines protect you and help stop you getting sick. 
Some vaccines you may have had before include the flu and measles vaccine. 
Most vaccines are an injection that you get in your arm. 


How does the COVID-19 vaccine work? 

The COVID-19 vaccine works by teaching your body to fight the virus, so you don’t get sick. 
You need two doses of the vaccine to get the best protection.

Does it cost to get the vaccine? 

The COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone in New Zealand. 
You won’t have to pay any money to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 
If you visit your family doctor to get the vaccine, the appointment will be free.

Where can I find more information for disabled people about the Covid-19 vaccine?  

The Ministry of Health website has advice on the COVID-19 vaccine if you’re disabled or helping someone with a disability. 

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