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There are times in all our lives where things can get us down, but we have to get up again and get on with it! The Society conducted a survey of its members, and identified there was a need for people to access counsellors.

The getUpAgain Programme was launched in September 2013 to address this need for our members. CLICK HERE to become a member.

Members with CP, or their main family carer, are eligible to apply for this programme. The idea is to allow you access to a counselor in a reasonably short space of time.
The amount of vouchers issued is enough to finance 3-6 sessions with a counselor. If you are eligible for the disability allowance, you are able to access funding from WINZ to finance more sessions.
The programme provides members with $450 in getUpAgain vouchers. (for a counselor/counseling service that is NOT GST registered the amount is $400).
The vouchers will have an expiry date of approximately 6 months from time of issue. This programme can be applied for only once per membership year.

Members are free to choose their own counselor, ensuring they are a member of a recognised professional counseling body in New Zealand. Members must request that their chosen counselor accepts our getUpAgain vouchers. (Refer them to this link which explains the process)

Choosing a counselor

If you need a starting point for finding a counselor, click on this link: Under Specialist Area you can select Disabilities, fill in the other boxes, but do not fill in name (of counselor), do a search and it will reveal all counselors that fit the criteria you specified.

CLICK HERE to download/read the Support Agencies/Counsellors that some of our members have used or responded to a questionnaire about their services they are providing

How to apply

The process for Members:
Identify a counselor that you wish to use.
Get their agreement to accept our getUpAgain vouchers (by explaining the programme and referring them to our website, or getting them to give the Society a call on 0800 503603)

CLICK HERE to download the getUpAgain Application Form.
Fill it in and post it to:

Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand
PO Box 24759
Royal Oak
Auckland 1345
New Zealand

When approved, vouchers IN YOUR NAME will be sent out to you, normally within 5 working days of the Society having received the form. When you have received the vouchers you can begin your counseling sessions.

The process for Counselors:
Members will be supplied with an amount of getUpAgain vouchers if their application is accepted. They will use these to pay the counselor for their sessions.(treat them as if they were cash!) The counselor collects these and then once per month generates an invoice to the CP Society for the mount of vouchers they have collected (these could have been collected from a number of our members they may be counseling) The invoice together with the vouchers are then sent to the CP Society (PO Box 24759, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345) The CP Society then pays the counselor/counseling firm, normally within 7 working days.

How to apply

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