The getStructured programme locks in good legal structures around a person with Cerebral Palsy.

Parents will be financially assisted to set up a legal framework, (wills, power of attorney, trusts), around a member with Cerebral Palsy, to ensure that future eventualities are considered and planned for.


There are two separate components to the ”getStructured” programme.

Component 1

For families that presently have no wills, power of attorney, or other legal structures, the Society plans to contribute up to a maximum of $1500 (+GST) of a lawyer’s bill.

The proviso is that the legal beneficiaries of this structure must include someone who has Cerebral Palsy and is a member of the Society. The above funding will be an “once only” grant. Please click here to become a member.

Component 2

For families that have already set up a legal structure that benefits a member with Cerebral Palsy’s once every 3 years” grant will be available for reviewing and altering this legal structure to ensure it remains relevant.

This grant contributes up to a maximum of $450 (+GST) of the lawyer’s bill for this service. The same eligibility proviso applies as in component one.

The Process

Members identify the lawyer they wish to use (the Society can provide a list of lawyers in your area). The parents apply for the programme on line. If approved, the Society will send a letter of guarantee to the members lawyer.

This letter authorises the lawyer to invoice the Society and requests a statement from the lawyer confirming that a member of the Society, with Cerebral Palsy, is a beneficiary (other children may also be included in the legal instruments as well).

Please click here to download the list of lawyers that some of our members have used.

How to apply

Please click here to download a getStructured Application Form.

Fill it in and post it to:

Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand
DX Box CP 31005 
New Zealand