The Crooked Truth

The Crooked Truth: Episode 0 (Introductions to co hosts)

04 Jun 2020

The Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance podcast: The Crooked Truth

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Mke: Welcome to the first episode of The Crooked Truth. My name is Mke and I am one of your regular hosts. On this episode my co hosts will introduce themselves and tell you the story of the Youth Alliance and the subsequent FREEDOMS which this first series of this podcast is based on. Go for it guys!

Jordon: I am Jordon Milroy and I am one of the regular hosts. The Cerebral Palsy Youth Alliance started in 2017 and we are a youth sector of the Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand. We are the voice of those who have cerebral palsy aged between 14 and 35-years-old.

We are all over the country and we have different levels of CP so we have a wide pool of knowledge and experience. We also work on cool projects like the podcast, FREEDOMS, write a blog and much more.

Kurt: I am Kurt, Kurt Petersen and I’ll be one of your regular hosts as well! As the FREEDOMS came about as part of a conversation around 2 years ago now and we spent a range of time because New Zealand as a whole with disability law, it doesn’t have anything that is current and straight forward.

We wanted something that we could all understand to build up people with disability’s right, and to give them the same rights as abled bodied people. What we are trying to do is even it out and put a basic set of rights together and we have been showcasing those rights through Youtube and around the country and get some momentum of these 10 rights.

So the first episode that we will do is around the Freedom to have Fun and Tim is here and he’s going to smash it.

Tim: Hi guys, I’m Tim George and I’m one of your other regular co hosts and we will speaking about the FREEDOMS in the first couple of episodes and after that we will be expanding it to include a variety of topics that could be major new stories in the community, whether in NZ or overseas, we will hopefully be doing interviews with people with cerebral palsy and experts on certain topics.

We are also hoping that those expert perspectives come from people listening to this show so if you’d like to be part of it you can contact us.

Jordon: You can reach us at

Tim: You can also find us on Instagram and facebook. If you have any trouble just look up the CPS and you will find us there. I think that’s about it guys. I think that’s about it guys, is everyone happy? Cool.

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End of Intro episode!