The Crooked Truth

Freedom to have fun while in lockdown!!

04 May 2020

Written by Youth Alliance Co Chair Jordon Milroy

Good morning world and what a wonderful day to start our youth alliance blog being lockdown indoors. The irony of the term freedoms isn’t lost on oneself, however with that said the freedom to have fun in doors is a great subject to start with.

Firstly, it’s a little strange to have the weather report playing in the background while eating breakfast, furthermore the ads on Tv to “hurry in for a sale” when it’s a lockdown. As the hours pass by slowly the skillful art of filling up your day indoors is opportunity to do something
new, fresh and exciting!!

Secondly, make your bubble a fun one. I am personally keeping fit throughout this lock down, parking up the power chair and using an old walking frame to walk around my house, street and then block. It is so hard and a great challenge to get stronger, plus it doesn’t matter how
long it takes. We have all day!!

The purpose of this blog post and my third point is to connect with others, we are all aware of our little bubbles and stay in your own bubbles. However we have the amazing use of the internet, which means that we can stay connected with friends, families and the every single member of the cerebral palsy youth alliance. That’s right, I or our team have emailed all 794 of you all. This task gave us the opportunity to speak with you and check if you were doing alright?

Moreover the youth alliance team have been working hard from home to make sure that we can still connect with each of you. We have a brand new writing competition for you to get involved with, also our brand newpodcast The Crooked Truth, is filled wonderful ideas and fun suggestions about what you can do in the lockdown!

That’s all from me, please stay home and safe Yet don’t be afraid tocontact us.