Media Response To Recent Query From Beike Biotechnology

06 Sep 2019

The Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand has been approached recently by an organisation who were interested in being endorsed by the Society.

The organisation which operates under the name of Beike Technology in China with claims to provide ethical, safe and largely effective stem cell treatments for people with chronic, debilitating conditions including cerebral palsy, requested a working partnership with the Society .

Their request also highlighted that we mention them in a stem cell treatment post, or they could provide written content for us to post on our website for CPS members to engage.

After a collective discussion within the Society and colleagues abroad, the Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand has declined this offer of a working partnership with this organisation as their requests raised many red flags. As the national organisation for advocating for individuals living with cerebral palsy, we do not endorse unproven, unregulated treatments for cerebral palsy, and in particular those that engage in direct to consumer marketing.

We would also encourage our CPS members to treat such organisations with the highest level of caution and thorough research before endorsing certain practices. The Society is working with Cerebral Palsy Alliance in the field of stem cell research and will keep members updated as best we can.