Sometimes it’s funny how things come into being. The father of a daughter with Cerebral Palsy designed and built a trike especially for her. It was functional, robust and it looked cool.

As his daughter grew, he designed and made bigger and better trikes. The incredible benefit of exercising, keeping up with her mates and general independence gave him an idea.

Trikes for lease

The Cerebral Palsy Society has an adult trike and a bike buggy/trailer for lease. They will be supplied for a free four-week trial, then leased for $10 per month.

If you are interested, please contact us on 0800 503 603 to make an appointment to come and have a look at them. They are supplied on a first-come first-served basis and need to be collected from us in Auckland.

Custom Built Trikes

The concept of having custom built trikes for lease was proposed to the Society. The Society loved the idea and commissioned a fleet of trikes that members can lease.

  • Three sizes of trikes are available that are suitable for people aged from from 3 years and up.
  • People that are capable of riding a standard tricycle will not be eligible for the special trikes.
  • An assessment is required before a trike is leased to an applicant.
  • A trike may not be immediately available for lease and an applicant may have to wait for one to become available.
  • Should the applicant be considered suitable for a special tricycle a lease agreement will be entered into.

There will be a monthly lease charged and the user will be required to organise a direct credit to an assigned bank account. The user will not receive a trike until this direct credit has been established.

Costs associated with collection or return of the trike to the Cerebral Palsy Society in Auckland are the user’s responsibility.


The criteria for a person’s application to be considered is as follows:

  1. The user must be a current financial member of the Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ CLICK HERE to become a member (the current membership cost is $15 for a family or $10 for an individual).
  2. The user must have Cerebral Palsy.
  3. The user of the trike must be prepared to undergo an assessment for suitability for the special trikes.
  4. The user/family is prepared to pay the current leasing costs. (Presently set at $10/month)

How to apply

Please ensure you fit the criteria before applying.

CLICK HERE to download the getOnYourTrike Application Form.

Fill it in and post it to:

Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand
DX Box CP31005 
Auckland 1023
New Zealand

If you have any queries please phone 0800 503 603.

Lease agreement

CLICK HERE to read/download a copy of the Lease Agreement.

Do not fill out this agreement, it is there solely for your information. An agreement will be organised at the end of a successful application process.