Telehealth Support Available

03 Apr 2020

Physiotherapist Sara Edwards is calling for expressions of interest of those in need of support providing Telehealth.

“I have been thinking about this time and what pressure there could be on families who you support, especially those who aren’t able to access therapy support for their family.

“I am working from home using Telehealth and have the ability to offer support to families if required,” Sara said.

Sara is happy and available to provide support for children (over 2 years), adolescents and adults, any diagnosis (experience in neurological rehabilitation, motor development, brain injury, cerebral palsy, other diagnoses), children post SDR surgery, advice around positioning for function and play, support for an appropriate exercise programme within the limitations of this isolation period and can offer support nationally using Telehealth.

Charges for Telehealth support involve a private 15-minute Telehealth consult at $20 and private Telehealth consult extended 30 minutes at $40.

Sara is a qualified physiotherapist and has a clinical interest in neuro rehabilitation and paediatric rehabilitation. She also works in the Wheelchair and Seating Service (wheelchair, seating, lying support, 24 hour positioning).

For more information or to contact Sara, please go to:
03 487 9698
021 351 246