Walking Bikes are here!

21 Feb 2018

Whether you call it a “Walking Bike “or a “RaceRunnerTM” it is great fun and can offer some users a freedom they have never previously experienced.

A RaceRunnerTM is a custom-built tricycle “learner bike” without pedals. They can give anyone, who normally only gets around in an electric wheelchair, manual wheelchair or walker the opportunity to move under their own power at relatively high speed.

The development of RaceRunnerTM bikes was initiated by Connie Hansen, an occupational therapist and Paralympic multiple gold medalist. Today RaceRunning, a Danish invention, has become an innovative sport for disabled people with impaired balance.

RaceRunning is an innovative sport for disabled people with impaired balance with the first RaceRunner being constructed in Denmark in 1991.

RaceRunning is an obvious sport for people with cerebral palsy, arthritis affected and amputees. RaceRunning gives disabled people who otherwise can only get around in an electric wheelchair, a manual wheelchair or in a walker the ability to move by themselves. With a RaceRunner even people with heavy disabilities may experience the feeling of running.

Amy and Travis have rigorously trialled the bikes so if you have any questions from a CP point of view they can probably answer it.

Otherwise, if you are feeling bold and want to try a bike, contact Michael in the office and have a chat.

CPS has imported into New Zealand three bikes in small, medium and large. The bikes are weight rated, so you will need to know your current weight and height, so we choose the correct bike for you. Contact Michael Northcott to discuss further –

“I love to feel motion and freedom. Seeing friends and family out RaceRunning or on walking bikes – experiencing the same feeling makes me truly happy.” – Connie Hansen