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Little Pots Go A long Way

11 Mar 2020

We are often overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our community, proving once again that every effort helps.

Taupo grandmother Bev Foreman wanted to give back to the Cerebral Palsy Society in honour of the support her granddaughter Eva has received, so she put plans in motion.

With creative thinking at the forefront, Bev created Eva Pots.

“Our grandaughter had a rough start to life, we’re so very lucky to have her and her Mum in our lives today.  Eva was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and so the long journey for her and her family began.”

“We heard lots of amazing things about Cerebral Palsy Society and the help Eva and her parents recieved.  I wanted to give back and so I put my thinking cap on and came up with Eva Pots. Little terricotta pots painted up and filled with rock cacti.  Our hope was to sell 100 pots in a year and have a donation of $1000 for the Steptember campaign.”

Bev and her supporters were overwhelmed by the generosity of her community.

“Needless to say our expectations were blown away and in the nine weeks leading up to Christmas we sold 150.  Taupo is a little community that embraced our project with open arms, we were gobsmacked with the generosity, we (my husband and myself) couldn’t have done this without their support,” she added.

“Would we do it again?  Not sure, those time consuming little pots ruled our lives for 9 weeks, but it was so much fun and we met so many kind and generous people.”

*The CP Society says thanks so much, Bev and family and the Taupo community fort you generous support. Every dollar makes a difference as we seek to enhance the lives of Eva and all those living with cerebral palsy.