Grant Helps James and Max

11 Mar 2020

With the help of a grant from Cerebral Palsy Society member James Riach is able to navigate his property a little easier.

The 20-year-old applied for an equipment grant last year and was able to purchase an additional wheel for his wheelchair.

James’ mother Deb said the wheel has removed accessibility barriers that he was experiencing.

“Having the free wheel has made it possible to regularly go for walks at home with Max (instead of having to travel 20 minutes to a dog park) and also the joy of being able to go out and walk the property as a family, which we haven’t been able to do since James outgrew his large size mountain buggy style stroller 5 years ago.

“On the driveways at home James still needs someone to push him, but we have also been able to go to the river and the beach, both of which were way too difficult before. James can self-propel now if the ground is a bit flatter.”

Deb expressed her gratitude towards the generosity of the grant.

“James got Max his mobility dog in July last year and one of the ongoing barriers for us was trying to navigate our property with his wheelchair, as the driveways are all gravel and the terrain is not even.”