Planning For Adulthood – The Legal Framework Around Disability And Disability Rights

Disability Connect is hosting an online seminar about disability and disability rights. 

It will be presented by Nan Jensen, (Barrister and Solicitor) from Quinlaw.

This online seminar will be of interest to you if: 

  • You worry about the long term welfare of your young person with a disability when you die.
  • You need to understand the difference amongst welfare guardianship, power of attorney, property management and how a Trust may be useful for managing property. 
  • You need information about the relevance of a Will and Letter of Wishes and how these might be useful. 
  • You are concerned about managing and protecting assets or income of your young disabled person. 
  • You want to know how to manage assets through a family trust. 

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17 August 2022 18:30 - 17 August 2022 21:30
09 636 0351