Arts Gift Packs For Members Create Colourful Memories

02 Jun 2020

With the help of Ministry For Social Development and Work and Income New Zealand, we created arts packs for our members (up to 21 years old) as a way of reassuring our members that they are our top priority.

The last two months have been unsettling for everyone so we wanted to do something genuine and heartfelt for our members. We have had a lovely response from many of you which has been heart warming.

We wanted to share a few of the lovely messages from our members who are now enjoying their arts and crafts and spreading joy in their lives.

“Emma loves hers. Thank you so much to all who were involved in making them up.”Member

“Thank you so much! Honor received hers last week and was delighted to open and see what a lovely pack of arty things you had sent.”Member

“You consistently find thoughtful ways to support us. Thank you CP Society for all you do. Looks like the kids loved these, i know I would have as a littlie.”Member

On behalf of the Cerebral Palsy Society staff, we hope that you have so much fun and take extra care.