Westfield Newmarket Accessibility Launch

19 Mar 2020

In March we were thrilled to receive an invitation to the Westfield Newmarket Accessibility Launch. This included the official opening of the new ‘Changing Places’ fully accessible bathroom. These spaces were designed and developed by individuals with a lived experience of disability.
This state of the art bathroom was designed by Jenn Hooper. Jenn has a daughter, Charley, who has Cerebral Palsy. The bathroom has an adult sized changing bed with electric hoist and shower, height adjustable toilet, and the hand basin is height adjustable as well. It is a vibrant space, with some colourful artwork on the walls. To get to the room, go up to the third floor of the Mall, Farmers side, and it’s located near the entrance to the carpark.

The bathroom has a secure access system, to register go to

Cerebral Palsy Society members can use the ‘GetThisAndThat’ vouchers to purchase a lifetime registration to access the ‘Changing Places’ bathrooms in NZ.

Cerebral Palsy Society