GazeToolbar: Software Testers Wanted

28 Aug 2019

We are looking for existing eyegaze users to test out the GazeToolbar, new software, developed by a team at the Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand. The software has been designed to allow people use computers, simply through their gaze.

All you need is a Tobii eye tracker and the GazeToolbar software, which can be downloaded HERE.

A comprehensive user guide is also available HERE.

While the GazeToolbar is free, there is no troubleshooting or ongoing support available to users. This is because it has been designed to be a short-term tool, for people to use before getting commercially available software. We would appreciate if you could test out the GazeToolbar and provide feedback. That way, we can decide whether or not we should recommend it to other people, considering investing in a Tobii eye tracker.

Cerebral Palsy Society