Dr Pia Stampe 2020 Auckland 2-Day Workshop

Two Day Therapist Workshop (For OT and PT)

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Maximize neuroplasticity and minimize maladaptive habits in children and teenagers with Cerebral Palsy:

The KeytoCP systematic, intensive treatment model developed by Pia Stampe, PT, DPT and Karen Pape, MD

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About the Presenter:

Pia Stampe (PT, DPT), is the owner and founder of Step by Step CP Intensives, now Key to CP. Pia is a paediatric physical therapist with more than 35 years of experience working with children with cerebral palsy. She graduated from PT education in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1981 and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from AT Still University in 2008. Pia has completed extensive continuing education and has teaching experience in paediatrics/neurology, coaching and use of EMG biofeedback, neuromuscular stimulation and functional electrical stimulation. Pia has worked closely with Karen Pape, MD as the systematic, intensive model used at Step by Step CP Intensives was developed.

Workshop description:

This workshop, developed by Pia Stampe, PT, DPT will present participants with an intensive, systematic approach to treatment of CP. An overview of human neuroplasticity, emphasizing the impressive recovery advantage of paediatric brain injury will be discussed and contrasted to existing therapy delivery to children and teens with CP.

This course will help participants recognize neuroplastic potential and to institute evidence-based and best practice protocols that can prevent or replace early formed maladaptive movement patterns in cerebral palsy.

This approach emphasizes the importance of coaching to maximize child and parent participation with functional goal setting during an intensive period of treatment and on return to the home environments.

TheApplication of the approach in various existing therapy delivery systems will be discussed.

Treatment demonstrations will prepare the participants for using the systematic intensive approach in their own practice.


  1. Understand the potential for baby brain recovery and neuroplasticity and how our acceptance of brain plasticity and low expectations for recovery, dictates outcomes

  2. Understand how to harness the potential for functional recovery in children with CP

  3. Understand peak periods of brain growth and recovery and relate those to traditional service delivery models

  4. Understand how to apply commonly used therapy interventions in a simple intensive systematic approach to create rapid change in function

  5. Discuss available outcome measures

  6. Explore the power of coaching to drive the child and family’s understanding of CP and their active participation in the intensive and beyond

  7. Explore how this intensive treatment model aligns with current international classification models (ICF) and how it fits into different therapy delivery systems

Course format: Contact hours: 15

  • Lectures

  • Discussions in smaller and large groups

  • Case presentations

  • Treatment demonstrations with children

Schedule: 2 Days

Day 1 (8.30am – 5.00pm)

  • Discussion: Introductions (participants discuss the delivery system that they are part of) and overview of workshop

  • Lecture: Human neuroplasticity and recovery potential in CP

  • Lecture: The systematic, intensive therapy approach to CP

  • Lecture and discussion: Case presentations

  • Lecture: Coaching as a strategy for participation and buy-in

  • Lab: Treatment demonstration: infant/child under age 2

Day 2 (8.30am – 5.00pm)

  • Review, pearls and Q&A

  • Discussion of participant cases

  • Lecture: Novelty, auditory and visual motor strategies, visual motor rehearsal

  • Lab: Interactive treatment demonstration: child age 6-8

  • Discussion of demo child: Creating goals and a treatment plan

  • Lecture and discussion: using the model in current therapy delivery systems

  • Discussion: Putting it all together


  • Loved this workshop. Feeling inspired.

  • Pia was a great presenter. I loved her logical and ordered approach. Thank you

  • Really made theory come to life. Fantastic course – keep training in New Zealand. I am excited to share what I learned with my team

  • It has been so good. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge and expertise. We would love to have you back to New Zealand in the near future

  • Many workshops have too much theory and not enough practice. This workshop had an excellent amount of really interesting practical work – just what we need for working in the real world.

  • Absolutely excellent. Many of the interventions I had heard of but never seen them used in such a thorough way

  • Lovely, practical and interactive course. Thank you and please come back

  • Thanks very much for what I call a good old fashioned physio course, where we knuckled down and talked about treatment and then watched and DID.!

  • Loved the sequential trials of strategies. I can see how I can use them to adapt my strategies when working with students with CP

  • Really good to challenge our thinking about why we do what we do

March 02 2020 8:30
March 03 2020 17:00
Quality Inn Parnell - Private Brasserie & Victoria Rooms
10-20 Gladstone Rd
Auckland New Zealand
Gemma Overton
0800 503 603
Cerebral Palsy Society