Mobility Schemes

Total Mobility Scheme

This Scheme provides a subsidised transport service to people with serious mobility constraints by way of transport companies vouchers that provide a discount of 50 percent off the normal transport companies fare.

The Scheme is provided throughout New Zealand but is usually limited to urban areas. In most areas regional councils manage and operate the Scheme. The application form is then endorsed by an accredited agency, like The Cerebral Palsy Society in Auckland, signed by your GP, and costs $7.

Contact your local Regional Council for more information:

Note: It is not compulsory to be a member of the Cerebral Palsy Society to be eligible for the Scheme

The Mobility Parking Permit Scheme

An officially recognised concession parking scheme owned and administered by CCS with the co-operation of all city and district councils. Mobility cards can only be issued with your doctor’s signed approval.


  • Short-term permits, valid for up to 12mths $30
  • Long-term permits, five-year term $45

For an application form contact your GP, medical specialist or nearest CCS branch

Modifications and purchase of vehicles

Funded support can only be provided once a Registered Specialised Assessor identifies the equipment or supports essential for the disabled person.To find out more about ESS and eligibility go to:

Accessable (For people who live in Auckland/Northland) 
Ph: 0505 001 002

Enable New Zealand (For people who live in the rest of NZ) 
Ph: 0800 17 1995

Information Service: Ph: 0800 17 198

Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) ]Your health professional can refer you to the NASC in your area. A Needs Assessor will visit your home to assess what type and level of assistance you need: home help, personal care, equipment, service brokerage, carer support or respite care.

The information gathered is forwarded on to a Service Coordinator who plans and organises any service provision and supports that the family needs.

Under 65 years of age – to find the NASC in your area contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Taikura Trust (Is Auckland NASC) 
Ph: (09) 278 6314

If you’re over 65 years of age the NASC is your District Health Board