3 Months

Developmental Milestones – 3 Months

The following expected range of child development is an indication only.

Expected range of development: Developmental delay:
  • Voluntarily movement appears.
  • Limbs move smoothly and symmetrically.
  • Kicks legs alternatively or simultaneously.
  • Lifts head and chest up whilst lying on stomach.
  • By 5 months, when lying on stomach, can swing straight arms out to the side.
  • Able to put a foot into mouth.
  • Eye to hand co-ordination performed.
  • Hands loose and open.
  • The baby observes and grabs own hands.
  • Starts to keep hitting a toy, but misses target. If given a rattle into his/her hand will shake it.
  • Whinges, arbitrary cries, laughs, utter cries, chuckles.
  • Starts to smile at 6 weeks, a month later responds to your smiles or conversation.
  • Responds to noise, looking for the source of sound.
  • Distinguish reaction towards mother, smiles.
  • Recognises the bottle.
  • Night and daytime sleep, feeding and awake time becomes a routine.
  • Night sleep about 10 hours.
  • Lack of voluntary movements.
  • Arm and leg movements stiff, jerky.
  • Little movement of limbs.
  • Low muscle tone.
  • Unable to lift head and chest up whilst lying on stomach.
  • Poor head control while pulling up into sitting, head turns to one direction.
  • Hands are still in fist position, unable to bring hands into midline.
  • No response to sounds, noise, not turning, looking and following objects from one side to the other.
  • Doesn’t smile much and appears irritable.