Trikes/Scooter For Loan (Updated)

23 Jan 2020

The Cerebral Palsy Society have three trikes and one child’s scooter for loan over summer for members free of charge. Trikes are suitable for people aged approx. early teens – adult. The scooter is suitable for a child from approx. 6-12yrs.

The Trikes and Scooter are now available at the Cerebral Palsy Office at 8 Railway St, Newmarket, Auckland.

We will fit and adjust the trike to the rider so call us to make an appointment.

If you like the trikes or scooter, there are also options available for purchase, after the trial! 

INTERESTED? Contact us to set up an appointment:

Trike 1 – Red Medix 21 Trike (Size- Adult)

  • Trike has  20  & 24 inch wheels
  • Adjustable handle bars                 
  • Wide comfort seat                                            
  • Hand-brakes
  • Shoe/toe clips  

Trike 2 –  Black Raleigh Trike (Size- Adult)

  • Trike has 24 & 26 inch wheels
  • Gears and differential
  • Shoe/toe clips and heel straps
  • Hand-brake
  • Shopping basket


Trike 3 – Black Thunder Trike (Size- Adult)

  • Trike has 24 & 26 inch wheels 
  • Gears and differential
  • Hand-break 
  • Rear Shopping basket
  • Shoe/toe clips


Scooter (Size – Childs)






Note: The wheels on the Adult the trikes are not removable – a large van, people mover or bike carrier is needed for transportation. The front wheel on the child’s trike is removable, but still needs a large car to transport.

Cerebral Palsy Society