The Society’s Constitution

By joining the Cerebral Palsy Society you agree to be bound by the Society’s Constitution. Click here to read/download a copy of the Constitution.

The Society’s AGM 2020

The following timeframes are in place for the AGM 2020.

(With the 2nd COVID-19 lockdown occurring in conjunction with the Society’s audit, the auditors have confirmed that the AGM should be delayed from the 11th October to the 18th October. This will allow the auditors to be able to deliver audited accounts to the Society on time. Hopefully there will be no further delays caused by the pandemic)

The Notice for the AGM, together with nomination forms for the Board and forms for submitting remits will be sent out to members the week beginning the 24th August.

Remits for consideration and Nominations for the Board must be received by the Society no later than 4pm, Friday 18th September.

The AGM agenda, candidates for the Board, any remits as well as voting information, will be sent to members by the 30th September.

All voting and resolution information to be returned to CP Society office by Thursday 15th October 2020.

The 2020 AGM will be held at 8 Railway St, Newmarket on Sunday the 18th October at 2pm,

Nominations for the Board or AGM Remits can be submitted by downloading the Nominations and Remits form CLICK HERE (Word) or CLICK HERE (PDF)

If you are interested in applying for the Board, please email If you wish to talk with someone about this, or ask any questions, please call the office and speak with either Michael or Harvey.

The Society’s AGM 2019

The 201 AGM was held on Sunday October 13th 2019 2pm at the Cerebral Palsy Offices, 8 Railway Street, Newmarket. 


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the 2018 AGM
  4. Matters Arising
  5. President’s Report
  6. Financial Report
  7. Membership fees
  8. Life member proposed by Board
  9. Appointment of an Auditor
  10. Election/Appointment of Board      

Following the meeting there will be light refreshments.

The following documents for the 2019 AGM can be download

The Society’s Board

Anthony Smith President

I have had the privilege of being on the CP Society Board since 2014 and in that time, have been proud to be part of shifting the Society towards being more strategically focused as well as having an improved operational structure. In addition to my role on the CP Society Board, I have also been a Director for Cerebral Investments Limited (CIL) since its inception in 2015.   CIL is an entity of CPS which is charged with maximizing a portion of the Society’s capital fund through growth investments.  Having a daughter with CP I bring a hands-on knowledge of the reality of how cerebral palsy impacts both a person and their family, as well as a valuable perspective on many of the challenges facing the disability sector more broadly. In this capacity, I have been involved in Conductive Education early childhood and school-aged programs, as well as lobbying at a central government level for young people with CP within the education sector. I have also had many years of dealing with ACC and other government agencies. I enjoy seeing those affected by CP making choices for themselves and taking charge of their own lives. Outside of my Board position at CPS, I have a range of business interests and enjoy farming and getting out on the road on my motorbike or going off-road by bike or 4-wheel driving.

Dave Thomas Sec/Treasurer

My 21-year-old daughter Chelsea has CP and is profoundly deaf, hence my interest in CP Sector and my involvement with the Society.

I have a financial services background and therefore have a keen interest and focus on the investment and management of the Society’s assets to ensure we maintain our resources for the benefit of the current and future membership. My role as a member of the Board for the Society is one I enjoy as it has helped provide me with a wider perspective of the impact that CP has on the lives of our members and makes me passionate about working to provide the best outcomes we can for them.

I was a Board Member for the Kelston Deaf Education Centre for 14 years (7 or 8 as Chairperson) and have been self- employed in my own business as an Authorised Financial Adviser since 2001.

Niki Simpkin-Hill Board Member

My lived experience with Cerebral Palsy is as the hands on mother of a daughter with CP.

I am married and live in Beach Haven with my husband, daughter (19yrs) and stepson (16yrs). Our efforts to support my daughter with CP have been a long sustained, multi-faceted approach that has involved regular ongoing physiotherapy as well as autologous stem cell treatment in Dusseldorf Germany in 2010, which improved her gait, general health and energy levels. During 2014- 2017, she has had 46-hour long sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment which has improved her fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. Her improvements have been many, for example her ability to read has improved, she can dress herself, eats better and no longer suffers seizures. Recently, she has discovered para-athletics, trains regularly, and is showing considerable promise as a runner – an amazing outcome.

I advocate strongly to lobby government for programs to:

  • Support at-risk babies to get as early a diagnosis as possible for CP plus early intervention including Physiotherapy, Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Orthotics.
  • Support and council families with ongoing information and support group networks.
  • Develop further research into benefits of Stem Cell treatment & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for those with CP.
  • Promote better specialist education, to be more inclusive and less restrictive in their funding allocations for CP kids.
  • Increase social awareness and acceptance of CP in society.   I have a background as a graphic designer & illustrator.

In more recent times my skills have been refined around research into disability art and ableism, fine art photography and exhibitions. I studied fine arts at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, gaining a BFA in 2009 returning to later for my MFA in 2018. My research essay for my Masters explored Disability Art and Ableism. I have Certificates of Competency in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (for the WEB) from Unitec 2019.

I believe in a better future for those with Cerebral Palsy.

Harvey Brunt Board Member

I have been involved with the Society for the past 23 years as President, Secretary/Treasurer and most recently as the General Manager. I have a 29 year old daughter with CP living at home with us, my other 4 children having sallied forth.

I believe strongly in the Guiding Principles of the Society, especially those regarding ‘respect’ (we show respect and consideration for people), ‘participation’ (we assist our stakeholders to participate in Society) and ‘innovation’ (we lead our sector by being innovative). The Society’s mission of ‘enhancing the lives of people with CP,’ has and continues to be my compass.

I will strive to help the Board stay focussed on the governance and the strategic direction of the Society and leave the operational team to implement that strategy. I believe that my presence on the Board will increase cohesion and efficiency, allowing more time for matters that are the Board’s responsibility. Now that I am retired I have the time to commit to being on the Board. In my conversations with members at Boccia and other events, as well as living with someone with CP, I have a good knowledge of the challenges. My involvement with the sector over the last eight years has added to that.

Michelle Hamilton Board Member

I am a Mum and live on Auckland’s north shore with my two boys (Thomas aged 12 and Lachlan aged 7). As a person with cerebral palsy I have my own understanding of the power of perception, unconscious bias and discrimination both in the workplace and the wider community. I also know what it’s like to make a difference in the lives of others through acting an advocate and ally to foster an environment in which people feel empowered to be the most authentic version of themselves. I am a passionate HR/People leader focused on positive cultural transformation within organisations.  For the last 20+ years I have worked inside prominent NZ businesses as a champion for genuine understanding and inclusiveness for all people. I have educated and influenced CEO’s, executive teams and mangers to acknowledge and understand the power of diversity, acceptance and inclusion before we even knew what to call those things. Having currently stepped away from the corporate world, I have chosen to actively channel my commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace through my business Wobbly Unicorns. My business partner and I are delivering Diversity and Inclusion training using real life stories about discrimination, empowerment and acceptance to educate and coach people in workplaces across NZ and Australia. I have learnt a lot and have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Cerebral Palsy Society Board Member and would be thrilled to continue to work in this capacity.

Sally Thomas Board Member

I am the parent of four lovely men, one of whom has Cerebral Palsy – Alex is 32 years old. He has received amazing practical support from the Society over the years – it is great to see an organisation that operates for the benefit of its members.

A little about me. I have worked in the disability sector since 1997 in a number of roles. Firstly as Manager of the early intervention programme at Conductive Education Canterbury; Project Manager for “our stories” a joint IHC/CCS Disability Action community awareness project; a development role with Lead School Transition service supporting adults with disabilities leaving school; Service Coordinator at CCS Disability Action in adult services and since 2016 as National Coordinator for NZ Foundation for Conductive Education. I am passionate about the rights of people with disabilities and their families to have a great life and choice and control over how this looks – we are all individuals!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term on the Board of the Society and am excited by the current focus on advocacy and vision of “changing New Zealander’s attitudes towards physical disability”.  The disability sector as a whole is going through a time of change (yet again!) and we need to ensure that the needs of the people that we support are highlighted at all levels of decision-making.

As an organisation I feel that we are fortunate to have such a passionate, committed Board who bring a range of skills and experiences to the table. 

I would love the opportunity to continue to utilise my passion and lived experience of disability, along with the views of the cross-section of people that I meet through my work, to create positive change in the lives of the people that sit at the core of our work.

Frieda Crawford Board Member

I live in Wellington with my husband and three children, Rhyan, Louis and Ruby. Louis has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy.

I hold a Bachelor of Laws and was admitted to the High Court of New Zealand in Wellington in December 1997. Over the last 20 years or so, I have held various legal positions in private practice and in-house.  After Louis’ diagnosis in 2003, I changed my career path and entered the world of legal recruitment.  Having cut my teeth within a global recruitment agency and a national recruitment agency, after 8 years, I left paid employment behind and established my own global legal recruitment consultancy in August 2011.

I bring previous Board experience to the table, in that I was on the Board of Trustees for Ronald McDonald Wellington Trust, providing corporate governance and ensuring the senior management team met their strategic objectives.

For the last 16 years, my family and I have been navigating the challenges of the education and health systems on Louis’ behalf.   In my role as a mother of a child with cerebral palsy, as a former lawyer, and as a current business owner, I hope to bring a range of practical experience to the Board and the Society.

To contact the Board please email them at 

Cerebral Palsy Society